China's first tilting support - "Ma An Shan made"

China's first tilting support -

  Recently, China's first tilting Bearing in Ma On Shan force force bearing Co., Ltd. off the assembly line, the official delivery of Shanghai customers. Developed countries for the product has been the implementation of the policy is a technical blockade and restrictions on exports, through unremitting efforts, and finally successfully developed.

  Slewing Bearing is an important part of large machinery, it is located in the middle of the machine, the equivalent of "spine", commonly known as the waist rotation, which carries the upper part of the machine, and support their flexible rotation, is set support, And other functions in one of the large bearings. China's research and development of the tilting bearing is supported by three rotary support "superimposed" made. "Unlike the conventional slewing support, the tilting support achieves a tilt angle of ± 10 °." R & D says that when in a complex harsh operating environment, tilting support can show up, such as fire truck ground Uneven, tilted support can be divided into the clock will be leveling the operating surface, for the fire race against time. The sea surface ups and downs, tilting support in the warships on a try. It is because of the extensive use of industrial and military fields, leading to foreign technology blockade.

  China's bearings need to import, national brand 'lumbar' really straight up, need to take the shaft industry people to work hard, "spine" word, the phrase pun, both on behalf of mechanical equipment, "spine" slewing ring, Also refers to the national brand of the spine. In order to break the monopoly of foreign technology, force the organization of technical personnel research, in 2016 finally developed successfully tilted support, it is mainly used in ladder fire engines, both to protect the normal rotation of the host operation, but also to achieve the slope of the automatic leveling operation , In China's first, the world's advanced level. Product final mass production, to the market, cleared the obstacles.

  In 2010, the company's successful research and development of elliptical roller slewing ring, and in many areas of successful use. Elliptical raceway support than the traditional circular roller raceway, bearing capacity increased by 30% or more, more than doubled the service life, and can save more than 20% of raw materials, procurement costs more than 30%. Therefore, the advent of a product, that is, in the industry triggered a wave of replacement.

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