low price three row roller swing bearing

Brand : FengHe

Product origin : Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Delivery time : 15-20 days

Supply capacity : 2500pcs/month

Three row roller slewing bearing has three seat rings,which separate the upper,lower and radial raceways,it made 

each row of the roller's load capacity can be specified and can bear different loads simultaneously. The capacity 

load is the largest one compare with the other three models.Due to the large size in axial and radial dimension the 

solid structure, it is specially suitable for the heavy duty machinery such as wheeled excavator, wheeled crane, 

ship crane, ladle turrets and the heavy duty mobile crane etc.



1. n1 is the numbers of lubricating holes. Oil cup M10×1JB/T7940.1~JB/T7940.

2. The Oil nipple's location can be change according to the user's application.

3. n-φ can change to tapped hole, the diameter of tapped hole is M, and depth is 2M.

4. The tangential tooth force in the form is the max tooth force; the nominal tangential tooth force is 1/2 of the max one.

5. "K" is addendum reduction coefficient.



   Xuzhou Fenghe has 30 years experience in producing slewing bearing,Our company specializes in six types slewing 

  bearings.The products are sold throughout the country and exported to more than 42 countries,such as Malaysia, France, 

  Singapore, Germany,Italy and so on. 


Focus and control every production detail,Only for the delivery of good products to customers.

The material of the slewing bearing are generally high alloy-structural steels,such as 42CrMo,50Mn.

The material of rolling body is GCr15 and it is purchased from domestic suppliers with highest quality.



The company has introduced internationally-advanced large equipment with a full assembly line production 

capacity from forging,heat treatment,machining process,tooth making and to finished product assembly.

The model of the products covers various standards and nonstandard specification from 150mm to 5000mm.


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