Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing Internal Gear

Brand : FengHe

Product origin : Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Delivery time : 15-20 days

Supply capacity : 2500pcs/month

Single row crossed roller slewing bearing is composed of two seat rings, which design in compact structure and light weight, the clearance is small when assembly, so need high precision. The roller are 1:1 cross arranged, it can bear the axial force, tilting moment and relatively large radial force. It is widely used for hoisting, transportation, construction machinery, and the military products.

Type: Single Row Crossed Roller Bearing Internal Gear




1. N1 is the numbers of lubricating holes. Oil cup M10×1JB/T7940.1~JB/T7940.

2. The Oil nipple's location can be change according to the user's application.

3. n-φ can change to tapped hole, the diameter of tapped hole is M, and depth is 2M.

4. The tangential tooth force in the form is the max tooth force; the nominal tangential tooth force is 1/2 of the max one.

5. "K" is addendum reduction coefficient.


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