Crossover Rolling Slewing Bearing

Brand : FENGHE


Delivery time : 30days

Supply capacity : 2000pieces/Month

Slewing bearing also known as slewing ring bearing,turntable bearing.It contain outer ring,inner ring,rolling body,seals.

The material of our products are generally high alloy-structural steels ,such as 42CrMo 50Mn.The slewing bearing can 

work normally at a temperature of -30℃ to +70℃,and we can design special type as customer need.

The Single row crossed roller slewing bearing is composed of two seat rings,which design in compact structure and light 

weight, the clearance is small when assembly, so need high precision .The roller are 1:1 cross arranged, it can bear the 

axial force,tilting moment and relatively large radial force. It is widely used for hoisting,transportation,construction machinery,

and the military products.

Model No.: 11.25.710
Brand: Fenghe
No. of rows: single-row roller
Inner structure:roller
Gear option: None Gear,Internal Gear,External Gear
No. of mounting holes: 24
Inside diameter: 608mm
Outside diameter:812mm
Thickness: 75mm
Size:150mm to 5000mm.



Xuzhou Fenghe has 30 years experience in producing slewing bearing,Our company specializes in six types slewing 

bearings.The products are sold throughout the country and exported to more than 42 countries,such as Malaysia, France, 

Singapore, Germany,Italy and so on. 


Focus and control every production detail,Only for the delivery of good products to customers.

The material of the slewing bearing are generally high alloy-structural steels,such as 42CrMo,50Mn.

The material of rolling body is GCr15 and it is purchased from domestic suppliers with highest quality.



The company has introduced internationally-advanced large equipment with a full assembly line production 

capacity from forging,heat treatment,machining process,tooth making and to finished product assembly.

The model of the products covers various standards and nonstandard specification from 150mm to 5000mm.

The company's products have passed the quality inspection identification of the national special type 

mechanical part quality testing, ISO9001:2015 and Chinese Classification Society certification.

Products are exported to 43 countries.


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